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Mechanical / Electrical Engineer:2 名
Job description
Education:  Undergraduate
Working place:  Nanjing
Speciality:  Industrial Automation
Position responsibilities: 1. College degree or above, electrical engineering automation, industrial automation and related majors, mechanical and electrical integration major is preferred.
2. Familiar with the basic knowledge of electronic circuits and hardware installation and debugging.
3. Abundant experience in maintenance of electronic products and circuit boards for more than 1 year, able to independently analyze and repair electronic circuits.
4. Familiar with the application of MCU, can do simple circuit experiments.
Specific requirement: 1. Strong sense of responsibility, ambition, honesty and sincerity;
2. It's better to have a good understanding of the laser industry and have been engaged in related work;
3. Skilled in AUTO CAN, PHOTO SHOP, CorelDRAW and other drawing software, familiar with mechanical assembly, circuit design;
4. Ability to travel and have accommodation.